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world map with locations highlighted

A few years ago I discovered that I have a passion for travel. I've marked all the places I've visited so far on the world map at right. (Orange dots are places I've actually lived.) Four continents down, three to go! Coming soon: My photos from Japan.

colorful lanterns in the Grand Bazaar, IstanbulHere are a few photo essays showing highlights from some of these tips:
Two Months in Europe
Banff & Jasper, Canada
New Zealand

The Sky's the Limit

Cessna 172 Skyhawk at Boeing FieldLiterally: I got my private pilot's license a couple of years ago. Although I haven't been flying much lately, I'm planning to check checked out soon in the cool Diamond DA-20 two-seater, a fun alternative to the Cessna 172 Skyhawk that I used for my primary training. At right,me at Boeing Field with N97PD, the plane I used for my FAA checkride.

我學中文! (Wǒ xué Zhōngwèn)

I'm slowly making progress learning Mandarin Chinese. What a blast! All the languages I've studied in the past have been of Indo-European origin, and Chinese differs from them in so many ways. I'm also doing a lot of work figuring out how to perform various types of Chinese-language data processing, which has led me deep into the complexities of Unicode. (By the way, if the characters in the above headline don't show up properly in your browser, please let me know.)

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